• To develop a competent human resource pool as per standards of the national and international ICT industry.
  • To create a competitive human resource pool by offering them technical training in the recognized, prevalent programs such as Oracle, SAP, Microsoft certification, Cisco certification, Intel, etc
  • To enhance the technical, managerial, corporate and communications skills of the individuals to gain and retain employment in the ICT industry.


  • Completed BCS/MSc/MCS (IT 16 years degree) or IT related degree and  individuals of KP Domicile holders
  • Candidates having minimum 50 % marks in NTS (General / Subject).


  • Only approved/selected candidates for capacity building/certification will be given subsidies. List of approved/selected candidates will be published on KPITB website. A candidate can only apply for one certification at a time.
  • KPITB keep the rights reserved for capacity building to reject any applicant without assigning any reason /changes in policy.
  • Only applications through  KPITB website will be considered for Capacity Building/Certification program.
  • In case of any policy changes, it will be publish on KPITB website and Facebook page.


  • For Capacity Building / Certification (2013-14)
  • 380 candidates applied,
  • Out of which 79 were eligible
  • 49 candidates registered with KP IT Board
  • 28 completed/ qualified.