KP Civic Innovation Fellowship

The Fellowship Program is a 6-month program supported by Code for Pakistan, the KP IT Board, and the World Bank, where a team of talented researchers, designers, community organizers, and developers collaborate to build apps, inspire citizen engagement, improve government, and show how to innovate in public services. These apps can help solve problems in a variety of public domains, such as healthcare, crime, disaster management, citizen engagement, transportation, traffic, education, etc.

Our Fellowship Program revolves around three key features:

  • Citizens and government working together, hand-in-hand, to solve problems
  • Adopting user-centric, lean, and agile development methodologies
  • Increasing civic engagement by creating innovative solutions in public services

Eligibility Criteria

  1. The Candidate should have minimum 16 years of education from an HEC recognized university having expertise in one of the following categories:
  2. Front end development, Back end development, Mobile application development. Desktop application development, Graphics designing.
  3. The candidates should have atleast 1 year experience in the relevant field.
  4. The candidate should be able to spend 40 hours/week for 6 months after induction.
  5. The last date to apply is 31st January, 2017. Any application obtained after the due date will not be entertained.
  6. The candidates need to apply online at:

Applications recieved through any other channel would not be entertained.

Want to be a 2017 KP Civic Innovation Fellow? Applications are now open!

2015 Fellowships

Our second year of the Fellowship kicked off on July 26, 2015. This year, our 2015 Fellows made tremendous strides in improving governance. They took on a number of very challenging projects this year:

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2014 Fellowships

We launched the first year of the Peshawar Fellowship Program with 12 Fellows on March 11, 2014, soon after the Peshawar Civic Hackathon. Following the success of the first year, we launched the second year of the KP Civic Innovation Fellowship with 20 Fellows in July 2015. We are currently recruiting Fellows for the third year of the program.

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And finally, a message to the graduating Fellows…