Technology City

Project Description

Technology City at Rashaki Special Economic Zone: The provincial government has approved establishing Technology City at the Special Economic Zone Rashakai.

The facility will have Electronic Manufacturing Cluster (EMC), Software development cluster, Academic Cluster, Expo Center and R&D, Innovation and Acceleration Hub. It is pertinent to note that India have setup 30 EMCs and their plan is to establish 200 by 2025 in different states where every state provides their own state-lead incentives along with the federal government's packages. At Rashakai we are doing the same - providing developed infrastructure in the special economic zone where federal and provincial governments have provided their incentives. The KPITB is developing the Technology City in partnership with KPEZDMC. The SEZ at Rashakai spans over 1000 acres, housing our Technology City at 100 acres and other industries in the remaining 900 acres, with a plan to be extended to 4000 acres with its local power generation and distribution through a local grid. KPITB has established MOUs with various Chinese EMS firms, China's largest accelerators, the Hardware Accelerator and their C9 (equivalent to US Ivy League) member universities to partner with local partners at the Technology City.

KP IT Board is in the process of signing an MoU with CRBC (China Roads & Bridges Corporation) for conducting the feasibility of the Technology City in SEZ Rashakai.

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