Team KP IT Board's brainstorming session with Industry Experts


Team KP IT Board's brainstorming session with Industry Experts on the way forward for Youth Employment Programme Phase 2.

We are thankful to all the members who attended the session!

The First Phase of Early Age Programing


The first phase of early age programming and IT essentials project was successfully kicked off across KP in 14 districts. The pilot program has been launched in 60 public sector schools and will expand to the rest of the province in the next phase. The project promises to be the first of its kind in Pakistan. The main deliverable of the project is to provide a platform to the children of 7th, 8th and 9th grade to acquire programming and IT essential skills. The consolidated and unique curriculum of this project has never been introduced in Pakistan before with the aim to enable children of early age group to acquire the analytical and critical thinking required at a stage when their brain is still developing and adapts easily.

Key milestone achieved by KPITB today


Key milestone achieved by KPITB today. As part of the team participating in Economic Cooperation Investment Roadshow being held in Beijing, China, the KPITB has managed to sign 3 MOUs with major Chinese firms to bring investment to KP in the technology sector.