Cube Healthcare Systems Pvt Ltd is one of the largest IT companies in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and at KPITB with its Head Office based in Michigan, USA. Revolutionizing the Healthcare Systems in the US since last 11 years, Cube Healthcare Systems is the name that promises a paradigm shift when it comes to collating the clients data and streamlining their administrative as well as clinical management processes into a more effective outlay. As a healthcare solution provider, CHS excels in providing revenue management services for its clients based in the USA. Through excellent client support at different tiers, CHS delivers the promise of achieving client success.

Our software product: ALTUMED, a Revenue Cycle Management Software takes Medical Billing to another degree of automation and advancement. Electronic Practice Management is a massive scale RCM Software developed through extensive research, analysis and development to cater our clients at the highest professional level. Our technologically advanced IT Systems and predictive analytical techniques help instill productivity in the processes, making them easily manageable and highly profitable.

In a feat to make our solutions more dynamic, the Innovation and Excellence Team through extensive research, has successfully managed to integrate Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the software products that promise a breakthrough in US healthcare market, bringing forth efficiency and progression. With more products in line, we aim at gaining Client Satisfaction to the maximum.


We strongly believe that CHS's strength is its workforce. Our dedicated, diverse and expert teams, with their extensive industry knowledge, enable us to transcend brilliance in our processes, giving a whole new meaning to BUSINESS EXCELLENCE. Being aware that our company's success depends on their polished capabilities and sincere commitment, we take great interest in our employee development and invest in their professional and personal growth.

We have a purpose- built office in Abbottabad, with state of the art facilities provided to our employees.

One of our main objective was to invest and up bring the right talent locally by creating job opportunities within Abbottabad. We have been successful so far with over 100+ employees working at our Abbottabad office and with our continuous growth we are aiming to create more employment opportunities.



 At Cube Healthcare Systems, we are dedicated to optimizing revenue streams for providers, reducing their administrative burden, while simultaneously helping them to be compliant with evolving industry standards. Our unwavering commitment to transparency resonates throughout our operations, fostering lucid communication, equitable workflows, and unrestricted information accessibility for both providers and patients. Through our advanced technology solutions, and a provider centric approach, we streamline the Revenue Cycle Management empowering our providers to deliver exceptional patient care.



  • Compliance
  • Transparency
  • Innovation
  • Customer Centric
  • Quality
  • Empowerment through accountability



  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Electronic Practice Management
  • Medical Billing