The companies/Firms as stated in KP IT Board registration form shall attach the following documents with the KP IT Board registration form

S.No Required Documents
1 PSEB Registration Certificate
2 Company NTN
3 SECP Certificate/ Form “H”
4 Memorandum & Articles of Association/ Partnership Deed
5 Company Profile
6 Company Business Plan
7 Company Bank Statement ( Deposit of at least PKR 01 Million)
9 KP IT Board Registration form
10 Minimum human resource/Staff (Excluding CEO of the Company/Firm)
  1. At least 1x person for Administration and HR responsibility.
  2. At least 1x person for project Management.
At least 4x Developers (Certified Programmer / Professional highly preferred to get space)
11 ISO or CMMI certified holder may be given high preference.
12 Minimum human resource vacancy shall not lay vacant more than one month else subsidy withdrawal or the agreement may be terminated