Shahid Kamal

Introduction Tech-Wizards is privately owned, self-funded an Information Technology Services company based in Peshawar, Pakistan, having its sub offices in different countries of the globe. Tech-Wizards founded in 2003, dedicated to keeping up standards of excellence in IT field, with the idea to provide complete turn-key IT solutions to its valued clients in line with the desired business strategies. Since then Tech-Wizards has grown tremendously, both in its clientage as well as in its knowledge and expertise on latest trends and emerging technologies. Tech-Wizards offers consulting services and technology solutions to both government and private sectors including banking & finance, energy, education, government, health and media. The solutions and services are complimented by highly specialized capabilities in system analysis and design, customized software application development, cross platform integration, contract programming, documentation services, technical system design, customization, security solutions, IT consultancy and trainings. Tech-Wizards believes in delivering the state of the art information management, information technology and enterprise technology solutions by translating the knowledge provided by the client, blending it with domain expert’s knowledge and most modern technologies. Company Background Tech-Wizards is a progressive IT Services company with state-of-the-art paraphernalia and a portfolio of implementing IT solutions to both public and private sector organizations & governmental ministries. Our main strength is our hi-caliber team of experts that enables us to meet the expectations of our esteemed clients by providing quality solutions right on time. We have an impressive team of brilliant, devoted, and highly skilled IT experts consisting of Project Managers, Team Leaders, Systems Analysts, Software Developers, Network Engineers, and Quality Assurance Specialists who have successful experience of developing and deploying sophisticated information systems for a variety of organizations of different countries. Over the past 10 years, Tech-Wizards has developed and implemented a very comprehensive work methodology called Unified Process Lifecycle (UPL), which enables us to address the increasingly complex technical needs of our clients throughout the Project Life Cycle. UPL is further supported and strengthened by automation tools like Project Building and Monitoring (PBM). Our PBM is a complete solution for the project planning and monitoring. Extra ordinary functional and technical expertise coupled with extensive knowledge of different industries makes Tech-Wizards the ideal choice for an IT services company. Tech-Wizards Working Methodology Tech-Wizards works as its client’s extended team to provide world class IT solutions which are so critical for their business. Tech-Wizards works with its clients in a collaborative way to properly understand their needs and then implement solutions and services to bring a genuine difference in the way clients operate their businesses. Our solutions and services meet the challenging requirements of our clients because we put knowledge first.