Veevo tech is a Technology Company in Pakistan that is known for its innovation in business automation, IT, Telecom Vas and AI based IOT products and aims to change the lives with technology adding ease and standard in life. Veevo Tech holds years of experience in IT & Telecom field and has successfully launched a number of products with both corporate and consumer segments. The products include biometric technologies, scalable load-intensive software designing, SMS/Robo Calls solutions, state of the art security solutions, Mobile Advertisement, smart electronic gadgets etc. our products are being used by millions of people across the globe.


  • A Social Networking Services without Internet
  • Traffic Jam Alert Solution for Peshawar Traffic Police
  • District Empowerment System an initiative of Good Governance
  • Emplead-o- HR automation system
  • Educational Notifier for school & college
  • Robo Call services
  • Two way SMS API services
  • Biometric Solutions & Others
  • Software & Mobile apps development