Date happened
19th Dec, 2023

Open House event at Durshal Access Mingora Swat held on Thursday, December 14th. It was truly a pleasure to host this event at the facility located on Qambar Bypass Road, near SPS College Mingora, Swat.

Experience the Durshal Access

At Durshal Access, we take pride in offering a warm and inviting ambiance marked by a contemporary and functional design. Our facility is thoughtfully crafted to adapt to various work styles, providing dedicated desks, private offices, and collaborative spaces tailored to meet your professional needs.

Unmatched Amenities

To enhance your work experience, Durshal Access provides a host of high-quality amenities, including:

• High-Speed Internet: Stay connected with our lightning-fast internet service.

• Ergonomic Furniture: Comfort meets productivity with our carefully selected ergonomic furniture.

• Advanced Meeting Rooms: Conduct meetings seamlessly with cutting-edge technology in our well-equipped meeting rooms.

• Cafeteria: Recharge and refuel at our on-site cafeteria offering a variety of refreshments.

• Masjid: Find tranquility and reflection in our dedicated prayer space.

Connecting, Innovating, Empowering

The Open House event was a fantastic opportunity for us to connect, foster innovation, and empower the vibrant community at Durshal Access. We are dedicated to providing an inclusive environment where collaboration thrives and success is nurtured.

Explore Durshal Access

If you couldn't make it to the Open House event, we invite you to explore Durshal Access Mingora Swat. Discover the unparalleled opportunities that await you in our dynamic and supportive community.