About 3 months ago, KPITB launched its flagship incubation facility - Durshal Hub in Peshawar. Durshal Hub is unique in the sense that apart from our startups, it houses Government Innovation Lab (GIL) where selected fellows work for 6 months as part of the KP Government Innovation Fellowship Program.

The KP Government Innovation Fellowship Program, jointly run by KPITB, Code for Pakistan and the World Bank, aims to bring together talented researchers, designers, and developers to build solutions, increase citizen engagement, improve government service delivery and show the government how to innovate in public services.

Now about 3 months and hundreds of working hours later, a “Midway Demo Day” was arranged at Durshal Hub Peshawar to demonstrate the solutions and platforms they have developed for various government departments.

Date happened: 
Friday, September 28, 2018