Date happened
28th Jan, 2021
Advisor to Science and Information Technology Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Ziaullah Bangash has said that the provincial government is providing the best opportunities to companies associated with start-ups, IT experts, freelancers, and IT sectors. The provincial government has issued an advertisement to provide internships to the youth, the youth will be trained and the monthly wazifa has also been assigned for them. Boys and Girls are given equal opportunities in Durshal.
He said that due to excellent training and guidance, IT companies have become weak districts in the IT sector like Bajaur, Mohmand and the integrated districts are getting the benefits of integration. Under the second phase, in addition to the advertiser internship, one more hundred sets of advertisers for women's startups will be trained and will get the best jobs through an internship. freelancers and IT companies should register with us on our portal. We are providing them with all the facilities. Along with new business, the government is providing grants for proposals. Present your ideas and play your role in creating economic development and employment opportunities for the country by getting trained from us and starting on self-employed government grants.
He also said that he is talking with Facebook, Google, and YouTube so that the youth in the IT sector can get a chance and get respectable employment. Regarding the launch of another important program, Ziaullah Bangash said that he will train a thousand youths with Google, where one thousand youths will be selected from each district. After training, he talked to different institutions about their jobs. Will go.
IT department is being given special attention on the directions of the Prime Minister and the provincial government has also reduced the tax rate by less than percent to two percent so that youth and companies can come into this field.Ziaullah Bangash.