Shakir Ullah

Founded in 2006, A2Z Electronic-Payments private limited is a registered company with Security Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP).They are leading electronic payment processing service and solution house in Pakistan. It facilitates and provides users friendly solutions in public  private sector by executing the accurate concept of Information Technology (IT). Their electronic payment services are designed to provide the growing needs of government departments, businesses and individuals to safely carry out their payment activities on in convenient and easy way.


  •  Traffic Ticketing & Management System, KPK
  •  (ERP/Payment Platform)
  •  Traffic Ticketing & Management System, Karachi Traffic Police
  •  (ERP/Payment Platform)
  •  Driving License Fee Management System, KPK
  •  (Payment Platform)
  •  Computerization of Arms Licenses & Fee Management System, KPK
  •  (ERP/Payment Platform)
  •  Smart Result (SMS)
  •  e-DMC