Mustahiq is a digital platform developed by KPITB to ensure the effective distribution of welfare resources. It is designed to efficiently identify and provide assistance to deserving individuals, promoting transparency, accountability, and inclusive social welfare initiatives. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, Mustahiq is transforming the way welfare resources are distributed, ensuring that help reaches those who need it the most.

  1. User Registration and Data Collection: Mustahiq allows individuals to register their information, providing a comprehensive database of potential beneficiaries. This data collection ensures accuracy and helps in identifying those in need more efficiently.
  2. Needs Assessment: The platform incorporates a needs assessment mechanism to evaluate the requirements of individuals applying for assistance. This ensures that resources are allocated based on genuine need, promoting fairness and effective distribution.
  3. Transparent Distribution: Mustahiq promotes transparency by providing a clear and accountable system for the distribution of welfare resources. Beneficiaries can track the status of their applications, ensuring transparency in the process and building trust in the system.
  4. Inclusive Social Welfare Initiatives: The platform focuses on inclusivity, ensuring that resources are distributed to individuals from all segments of society, regardless of their backgrounds. Mustahiq promotes equality and aims to address the needs of marginalized communities and vulnerable groups effectively.
  • Provides a streamlined and user-friendly platform for individuals to access welfare resources easily.
  • Enhances transparency, accountability, and trust in the distribution process.
  • Ensures that resources are allocated based on genuine need, promoting fairness and inclusivity.
  • Enables efficient identification and assistance to deserving individuals, maximizing the impact of welfare initiatives.