“ITELAA” is a web-based automation platform for the digitization of police FIR reporting systems. It is currently working under the pilot project in Malakand, i.e ‘’Establishment of a central command and control room’’ to monitor centrally connected 14 Levy Posts and 6 Chowkis and supervise Malakand Levies’ forces operations through the vehicle tracking system. Malakand District depicts a unique setup in the country where the regular policing functions of law and order are performed by the Malakand Levies Force under the command of the Deputy Commissioner. After successful deployment in Malakand, the ITELAA platform will be introduced in all districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to further enhance the image of the police force and ensure peace and stability in the province.


The objective is to provide speedy access to justice to all citizens of province under which
people can register and get FIR and Roznamcha through online portal, WhatsApp, e-mail
along with the option of a printed copy.

  • Speedy access to justice.
  • Ease of communication between common people and police.
  • Efficient access of criminal details, ease of police work.