Process Serving Agency

Project Description

PSA is both Mobile and Web Application developed for the process automation of issuing of summons and notices from different courts.In the Manual Process, Respondent or a person who shall receive notice from honourable Judge may refuse in court that he/she didn't receive any notice from the Court, or on the other side a Process Serving Agent (PS Agent) who is responsible to dispatch the court's notice may not visit the desired place.

In order to overcome the issues in current practices, PSA application has been developed to improve the ongoing process. PSA web shall be used by Niab Nazir or Court itself to create new Notice, the Notice may be summon, Warrant, Notice Auction, Notice Property Plutch or any other type. The newly created notice shall have all related information of Notice and the Person's details who shall be receiving the notice, after new notice is created it is then marked to the Process Serving Agent of the same district or to Court of the other District. PS Agent receive a notification message on his Mobile Phone, this message shall have all relevant information of the Notice and Address detail where the Notice shall be dispatched. PS Agent visits the place, takes photos of the place and records an audio of the receiving person, System automatically picks the geo-location of the place from where the photos has been taken or the Activity has been possessed, thus court can verify that the place has been visited or activity has been performed on particular date time.